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Finger Print Access

  • Highly Accurate Fingerprint Recognition
  • Lightning Fast Fingerprint Recognition
  • Smart Fingerprint Update
  • Ultra Low False Acceptance Rate
  • USB pendriver for Data Update / Download

Keep track of your employees working hours, more efficiently, save time and in turn save money. Easy to use and it adds tremendous value to your company in accurately recording hours worked so that you may pay the correct amount in wages.

The sole purpose of this fingerprint time attendance is to help employers record employee attendance data while also helping workers clock in quickly and easily (you can lose a card, but you can’t lose your finger!). This model fingerprint time attendance unit helps companies to manage attendance records more easily.

This fingerprint time attendance device is perfect for company HR Managers of any small or medium sized business. This device will work wonders in making your job easier while also making it possible to more closely monitor employee times, thereby saving your company time and money. Eliminate buddy clocking, “buddy-clocking” is when a co-worker clocks in or out for another employee. Now your company will be able to capture every minute of work you pay for. 


Door Entry System

A door entry system will greatly simplify the management of your facilities. It will automatically grant/deny access to individuals according to their access rights and there is no need to replace locks in case of lost keys. Lost cards are disabled and new ones are issued straight away. You can monitor all movement in real-time within your premises and also review history of past transactions.

Electronic door entry systems also provide accurate monitoring, using different levels of security for each type of user group. Access rights are granted to users according to the security group they belong to. Specific time zones can be set up as well, for example: allowing staff to access the office during their working hours only.


Electronic Access control readers

Restricting access to authorized personnel only, is also more effective with electronic access control readers: each user is issued a unique card, or for irrefutable authentication, biometric technology can be used (fingerprint readers, hand scanners, face recognition terminals, etc.).

PC-based networked access control solutions provide easy, centralized management of security on all your sites, as well as time and attendance, which can be integrated into your payroll system.

But what happens in case of a power cut? Doors will automatically open or shut depending on how you decided to set up your access control system. And no need to worry about data loss either, everything will be stored locally in the door controllers equipped with battery back-up. 

By combining the online and offline capabilities of the access control hardware, with appropriate software back-ups, software mirrors and network redundancy, the majority of access control risk is reduced to a solution with optimal resilience and redundancy built in.